Ready to change your home into a fitness world you could only imagine takes place at your old gym? Here, at Gym VS Reviews, we give you the facts and the best prices on top-rated home gym equipment. No hassle, no razzle-dazzle!

Our fitness experts intensely research the best brands in the fast-evolving gym equipment industry. We then compare and review these brands, fitness equipment, free weights, and weight room accessories so that you can make an easy decision AND get the lowest price possible – thanks to our fitness industry connections.

If you've been on the fence about buying an expensive piece of gym equipment, browse our comparisons and reviews to find out all the information you need to get your fitness game in check. Whether you're looking to start strength training or up your cardio game, you'll have what it takes after reading our research!

Hi, I'm Gino Armado

What's up everyone! My name's Gino Armado and I have been training my body as an athlete since my high school glory days. Now, I run gymvsreviews.com to help people reach their fitness goals while workout from home with a piece of gym equipment.

Meet Gino Armado, former D1 football player who now helps athletes and fitness fanatics choose the best gym equipment for their home gym!

Before Gym VS Reviews, I played college football. As a Division I athlete, I know what it takes to stay committed to working out, being in shape and winning. I earned my Masters degree in Sports Management and decided to get ACE certified in Strength and Conditioning to help young athletes become bigger, stronger and faster.

I literally spend hours researching the best exercise equipment for cardio and strength training. Technology is really ramping up, so there's a lot of cool stuff with some great features on some of these fitness machines. Although I haven't actually used every single thing I review or compare (vs), I put the time in and gather the most important facts so you can save time and money.

I've also dabbled in some SEO in my spare time. After all, who would see my content if I'm not on Google? So, yea that's basically it and I hope you find what you're looking for with GYM VS REVIEWS!

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