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Fitbod Reviews: The Best Weightlifting App?

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For someone who doesn’t have a “gym” background, strength training can be intimidating. However, weight training is such a great option for taking your workout to the next level to look and feel better. If you’re exploring bodybuilding for the first time, throw out all preconceived notions about “pumping iron” just for the sake of bulking up.

While this is a good method for getting bigger, bulking up is really just the beginning.The health benefits of strength training make this a genre that everyone should be interested in trying out! We know that weight training is beneficial for everything from building bone density to boosting metabolism. In fact, the time we spend doing building muscle tone can actually help us go further in our fitness and weight-loss goals because the muscles we build up burn more fat.

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My Review of the Fitbod Weightlifting App

Let’s start by talking about what to expect with Fitbod. First, the app really is designed to be your all-in-one tool for enjoying expertly crafted, effective workouts based on where you are physically right now. You’re not just jumping into someone else’s cookie-cutter workout program with this one.

There’s no need to be turned off by Fitbod if you’ve used fitness apps in the past that simply served up some preset workout instructions that you could follow along each day of the week. Fitbod uses a mix of expertise and AI technology to get a reading on your personal ability and workout history. What really makes this a standout app is that you can plug in the gym equipment that you have access to in real life to get tailored virtual workout plans. If you're into fitness, you'll be into this. Take a look at the table below all you fitness enthusiasts (or maybe you're a gym goer), powered by Gym VS Reviews!

The Fitbod AppInfo
Price$9.99/month or $59.99/year
Weightlifting Technique Videos✔️
Apple App✔️
Android App✔️
Customized lifting programs✔️
Fitness Goal setting✔️
Free trial✔️
Coupon / Promo (25% off LIFETIME)

How Does FitBod's App Work?

You can be pretty sure that you’ll want to download Fitbod once you take a look around at the app’s features. Like any app, getting it in your pocket is really as easy as downloading it to your device. The process of creating an account is very easy. Just give yourself a few minutes in a relatively quiet area to get through the basic questions.

Fitbod will want to know just a little bit about your lifestyle, fitness level, goals and favorite workouts. You’ll also be asked about the gym equipment you can access in your regular workouts. What happens next is a little bit like magic! Fitbod will have your very first workout waiting for you once setup is complete!

As you go through the process of creating your training regiment, you will be able to choose specific workout types that you like that fall under the weightlifting category. Fitbod’s list includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training and bodyweight training.

If you need variety to keep from getting bored with your workouts, you can customize a workout that incorporates them all.Again, nothing is cookie-cutter with this app. Expect to see a very personalized workout populate your screen once your info is entered.

The focuses of your unique regiment will be targeted exercises and repetitions that are compatible with the types of workouts you’re looking for. If what you see doesn’t align with your goals or abilities, you can go back to the drawing table to refine your preferences.

How Much Does FitBod Cost?

The Fitbod app is free to download. You can sign up for a monthly plan for $9.99. For $59.99, you can enjoy a year of Fitbod Elite. There are also pay-as-you-go options to pay for unlimited monthly workouts or monthly Elite access. That said, with our exclusive discount link, you'll get 25% off the cost of FitBod for life – that's a great deal.

Who is FitBod App a Good Fit For?

Honestly, Fitbod is for anyone is interested enough in getting fit to be reading up on the app! What makes this user interface unique is that both total novices and people who are very comfortable in gym settings can find things to love. It’s a great platform for someone who needs structure to stay consistent. It’s a great tool to have in your back pocket if you simply can’t whip up a routine in your head without being given some sort of plan or structure to follow.

Fitbod is also great if you simply want a way to burn calories from anywhere without the need to invest in pricey gym memberships, one-on-one sessions or expensive equipment as a condition for entry.

Workout Goals To Choose As A Member

Let’s talk goals! This is really where Fitbod begins to shine even if you were apprehensive about downloading a workout app. Fitbod wants to know why you were motivated to click that “download” button. In fact, the user interface asks you this question right from the start as a way to get inside your head to craft a meaningful, personalized workout plan for you. Here’s a look at the Fitbod goal categories:

  • Increasing muscle mass and muscle size.
  • Getting stronger to lift more weight.
  • Toning your muscles and losing weight.
  • Trying new exercises to switch up your routine.
  • Getting into HIIT-style training.
  • Completing workouts using zero gym equipment.

A Plan To Accomplish Your Goals

Take a minute to really think about what you’re trying to get out of your weight-training journey. Of course, locking into one “goal” doesn’t mean that the others won’t also fall into place during your workout journey. Fitbod does a great job of peppering in those secondary goals while still helping you honor your primary goal. If you’re truly working from a space of not having access to any equipment, the zero-equipment goal is so important for making sure you’re being served workouts you can actually complete without frustration.

What If I'm Into Olympic Weightlifting?

This fitness app is built on Olympic lifts. They have expert trainers that have been in the Olympic weightlifting industry for decades and are considered some of the best power lifters in the game. You can review their powerlifting workout program that give you excellent gym workouts. So, if you want to up your fitness goal in this department (even if you plan to do home workouts), you can do so by following the sets, reps and exercises to get the body you always dreamed of.

What Equipment Is Needed With FitBod?

First, no equipment other than a device that you can run the platform on is technically needed. You can get through entire Fitbod-generated regiments using purely bodyweight training! However, you can probably get the most out of it if you have access to at least the basics.

For a full-spectrum workout, Fitbod implements dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cable machines and weight machines. Again, it’s important to align the workout preferences that you share with your true fitness goals. Someone who is interested in bulking up or supercharging their body’s fat-burning capabilities may want to go hard on the kettlebells. A person looking to simply increase resistance could focus on tension from bodyweight-only workouts.

Building Strength, Muscle Mass and Getting the Edge You Want

Don’t confuse the convenience of Fitbod with having anything to do with the workouts being easy. Convenience and easy are two totally separate things when it comes to the way it challenges you. Of course, the beauty this platform is really the way it enables you to challenge yourself. You will probably feel right at home with this app if you’ve worked on weight training with a real trainer before. If you’re new to this genre, you will feel the burn for the first time.

It may take you a while to feel like you’re getting into the groove when weight lifting if this is a new form of working out for you. However, being consistent even though you don’t feel like you’re hitting peak performance is so important for learning how to move both technically and intuitively in response to the app’s guided workout prompts. It helps that it’s all delivered clearly and crisply in HD-quality videos!

You definitely can build up lean muscle while increasing your strength if you tailor your Fitbod workout for these goals. The “build” workouts within it are as intense as anything you’d get from an in-person gym trainer. However, it is important to have patience because the build-focused workouts on this app can seem a bit slow. This is especially true if you’re used to using cardio or yoga apps. Instead of speeding through, you’ll be focused on making slow, controlled movements.

Fitbod also builds in downtime for your workouts. That means you’ll be given time to recover for breaks between your sets instead of being asked to simply keep up with the pace. This is similar to what a “real” trainer would do!

Reviews of Fitbod: What Are Users Saying About This Weightlifting App?

Do people who know what a good workout is actually like enjoy Fitbod? Currently, Fitbod has been downloaded over a million times in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It enjoys a 4.8 rating out of 5 in the Apple store with more than 100,000 reviews. Overall, weightlifters and gym devotees are really enthusiastic about what this app delivers for home-based, remote weight-training workouts.

Furthermore, fitness enthusiasts are loving strength training different muscle groups and Fitbod's revolutionary training algorithm.


Can you try Fitbod for free?

Yes, you’ll get three workouts to try out for free after you sign up for this app with a user profile. You will then have to figure out if you want to pay for extra workouts to get the exercise you need.

Does Fitbod work with the Apple watch?

Yes, you can track your progress and access Fitbod feature via your Apple watch!

How many demonstration videos does Fitbod offer?

Fitbod unlocks access to more than 400 HD-quality demonstration videos that will help you to learn strength-training movements, reps, sets and exercises correctly.

Final Thoughts

Fitbod is considered the premiere app at the moment for people looking to do “remote” weight training. With a free download that serves as a gateway to three free exercises, this app is worth trying if you’re looking for a more organized, guided way to bulk up, get stronger and burn more calories. It’s a top do-it-yourself muscle-building app for everyone from beginners to gym pros.

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