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Tempo Home Gym Review: Read This BEFORE Buying in 2021!

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Whether you were working out at home before Coronavirus or you have recently made the transition, there’s never been a more exciting time to work out from the comfort of your own home.

Why? Because companies like Tempo, Tonal and Forme Life are revolutionizing the home work out industry.

The timing is impeccable, as going to the gym is very difficult in times of lock-downs and a world pandemic. According to CDC's recent report, Americans are experiencing astronomical levels of unfavorable mental health conditions and substance abuse.

Here at Gym VS Reviews, we saw A LOT of hype around the Tempo Home Gym, also known as the Tempo Studio. So, we decided to check it out, research and review it.

Does an all-in-one smart home gym actually provide people the opportunity to totally get away from their local gym? Or, is it just another fad that is blowing up because of COVID-19 and local gym / fitness center restrictions?

It was a bright sunny day when my Tempo Studio arrived at my home. Now, I have a new smart gym, which is pretty cool. Maybe… just maybe, I'll start working out now.

What is the Tempo home gym? Researched and Reviewed

The Tempo (or Tempo Studio) is a connected home gym that includes real Olympic weights, live and on-demand workout classes, and A.I. powered technology that acts like your personal trainer – all from home.

Here's the deal, Tempo's creating crazy noise in the fitness industry, just like the Peloton Bike did. Unlike the Peloton, though, is a 42″ HD touchscreen that makes you feel like you're physically present at the workout class (more on the screen display later).

Features and
Personalized workouts:✔️
Real Weights Included:✔️
A.I. Technology (form correction):✔️
Workout classes membership:✔️
On-Demand Classes:✔️
Live Classes:✔️
Digital Weight System:
Track workout progress:✔️
Speaker System:✔️
Real Music (not knock-off crap):✔️
Expert Coaching:✔️
For beginners:✔️

The company, Tempo, has raised 79.8M to date, and is one of the most popular, highly rated smart home gyms in a super competitive market. The Tempo Studio complete home gym system is suited for everyone from beginners to advanced lifters.

Tempo offers on-demand workouts taught by knowledgeable, motivating trainers. And this isn’t your average bulky, gaudy piece of fitness equipment, Tempo is actually quite aesthetically pleasing with its large screen and sleek, triangular design.

Between its intelligent design and custom adaptations, this machine can propel your body to get in the best shape possible. It comes with real weights and real-time feedback, allowing you to get the best at-home strength workout possible. This connected gym will transform your body, and the way you exercise at home.

Specs, Measurements and Design

Design and Aesthetics

The Tempo Studio has an easel design, like the ones you used to use in art class. But, this easel is much sleeker and cooler. It stands just over 6 feet tall and is only about 2 feet wide. In total, the system weighs about 100 pounds, but it’s very easy to move around should you need to.

Unlike other similar systems, Tempo is not mounted to your wall, so it’s convenient to move when and where you need to. It takes up 3 square feet on your floor, but keep in mind that you’ll need to have 6 feet clear in front of it for it to accurately track your movements and reps with its 3D time-of-flight motion sensors.

Screen Display

The screen display is a 42-inch touch screen that is nearly double the size of competitors. Under the screen, you’ll find a cabinet that neatly and discreetly stores all the weights so that they’re not cluttering the floor or taking up unnecessary space when you’re not using them.

Weights Storage

Lastly, as I write this Tempo studio review, you’ll find handy hooks on the back that are designed to hold your dumbbells and barbell. This is seriously one of the sleekest home gym systems I have ever seen. You can choose from white or black, too.

Getting Started With Tempo's smart home gym?

Using this smart home gym is nothing short of awesome! I've never had a fitness machine that uses artificial intelligence and 3d sensors, so the tempo studio is pretty special. Here's what you can expect before you start your first home workout with the Tempo Fit.

When you’re Tempo smart gym arrives, setting it up is so simple, which is one of my favorite parts about this machine. There are no lengthy instructions or frustrations.

All you need to do is plug it into the wall and press the power button located at the back of the screen. Once it’s on, you’ll connect it to your home wi-fi and create an account. You’ll be asked questions like gender, experience level, fitness goals, and a number of desired weekly workouts.

Once you’re all set up with your account, you’ll watch a quick introductory video that will explain how to set up your mat and load your weight plates onto the bar. Then, you’ll be instructed to proceed with your first class which is a fitness assessment.

For this, Tempo will use your on boarding answers to come up with your initial weight recommendations for each exercise. Afterward, it will adjust the recommendations based on your performance.

For example, if you are exceeding your rep targets, it will bump up your weights and/or reps. And to the contrary, if you are missing your rep targets, it will decrease them so that you can progress safely and efficiently. Bottom line is, it's one of the only fitness brands that does this.

Get the feedback you need when working out!

What's It Like Working Out With Tempo's AI Technology and 3D Sensors?

It's awesome and pin-point accurate.

Before every workout, your place your mat 6 feet from the Tempo and you get help from the screen to show you if it's in the perfect spot. Once you configure your mat setup (which comes with your purchase of Tempo) the AI technology and 3D sensors correct your form, count your reps and guide you through the workout like a personal trainer would.

Tempo Studio is unlike any other system I’ve ever seen before. It uses 3D sensors, a motion capture system and artificial intelligence technology to guide you through your workout. For every exercise, you’ll have suggestions for how much weight you should be lifting, it’ll track and count your reps, record your pace and range of motion, and offer real-time feedback to correct your form.

This is all possible thanks to the 3D time-of-flight sensor that emits pulses of infrared light 30 times per second. It then measures the amount of time it tackles that light to travel back to generate a 3D model of your body that’s made up of about 80,000 individual points. Incredible, right?

It’s important to know that this isn’t a camera that’s recording you or your home. With this system and using this technology, you look like a computerized skeleton that’s made up of dots. It uses that information to track your joints to compare where they are in relation to each other to determine what exercise you’re doing and whether or not you’re doing it with the correct form.

For example, when you’re performing a bicep curl, your wrist point will move as you lift your weight up toward your shoulder, but your elbow point should remain in place the whole time. If you do move your elbow, the system will pick up on that movement and will offer you form-correcting feedback right on your screen. Tempo's AI is as close as you can get to having a personal trainer correct your form at the gym.

What Types of Workouts Are There?

Tempo is primarily a strength training focused program, but they do offer other workouts, too. Currently, you can choose from strength training, HIIT, mobility, cardio, challenges, or recovery. Within each workout, you have the option to choose your duration (10, 20, 30 minutes, etc.)  difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, expert), and which trainer you want.

There are individual classes as well as programs that you can join if you like to adhere to something in particular. There are programs for all experience levels. For example, you can take the 3-Week Tempo Kickoff if you’re new to strength training or the 6-Week Built if you’re at an intermediate fitness level. You can also choose to take live classes now!

If you’re short on time, you can opt to take a quick workout like their 8-minute arm challenge or 100 Rep Squat Pyramid. There are also reload and recover workouts that are perfect for your rest days to help stretch your muscles and increase your flexibility.

When you choose a class, you’ll be able to preview how long it is, what type of music will be played, how difficult it is, and what equipment you need. You will also get a preview of what exercises will be included in the workout along with picture demonstrations so that you know exactly what to expect from the workout.

Form Correction Leader board

Want a little friendly competition to motivate you to push your limits? With Tempo Fit, you got it. With every rep, you’ll drive up the leader board, but beware that bad form will cost you.

You get the sense of community and camaraderie that you may be missing since the COVID-19 shutdown. You can compete against your friends, yourself, or the Tempo community as a whole. You’ll be empowered to push yourself to maximize your workout and always strive for that one more rep.

Are Real Weights Better Than Digital Weights for Weightlifting?

As I mentioned above, real, Olympic weights are included with the Tempo Studio. There are other smart gyms on the market that feature digital weights, and, everyone wants to know which is better.

I can tell you first hand that if you like handling barbells, weight plates and dumbbells, then real weights are better than digital weights. On the other hand, if you don't care much about the feeling of being in a gym with real weights, then you should look into a smart home gym with a digital weight system.

Related Comparison: Tempo vs Tonal vs Forme Life

The Personal Trainers (Tempo's Coaches)

Currently, Tempo has 6 coaches, each of whom is a NASM CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer). Each coach brings with them a wealth of knowledge and passion for fitness and each will drive you to be the best version of yourself.

Their coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve the best version of yourself, pushing you to reach new heights in your workouts. Each expert coach brings with them a wealth of knowledge as well as their unique personalities, allowing you to connect with them on a level that goes deeper than the surface. Tempo understands that the key to workout commitment and success is connection and community, which are created and fostered by their trainers. 

Tempo coaches bring their expert knowledge and encouraging personalities right to your living room with both live and on-demand classes.

How Much Does the Tempo Cost?

Tempo costs $2495 or $69 per month if you qualify for the financing plan. You will also need to subscribe to their monthly membership plan to get unlimited access to personalized, AI-powered training and live and on-demand classes for $39 per month. That's where they “get ya,” however, the workouts are pretty awesome, so it's #worthit for the monthly cost.

Choose a pricing model that best fits your budget!

The best part is that the monthly membership can be used for everyone in your home. Everyone can build their own profile at no extra charge. The whole family can workout from home for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

Additionally, each unit comes with a 30-day no-hassle free trial. If you don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. It’s also covered by a 3-year warranty, which shows you that Tempo is willing to stand behind the quality of their product.

A detailed Pricing Breakdown

Starting Price$2.495
Payment Plan?✔️ – As low as $69/mo for qualified buyers.
Shipping$250 delivery fee, which includes white glove delivery and set-up
Money Back?✔️
Coupon?Check Website for Promo Code
Extra Weight Purchases?✔️ – 25 lb plates – $175 includes two premium Olympic plates. 45 lb plates – $265 includes two premium Olympic plates.
Warranty:Cabinet – 3 years, Interactive display – 12 months, Heart rate monitor – 12 months, Barbell, clamps and weights – 3 years, Labor and installation – 12 months.
The best Tempo Studio Pricing Table Guide in the UNIVERSE!
What's the judge say?

It Tempo Worth the BIG Price?

Consider this:

Becoming a member at your local gym would cost upwards of $100 per month. Tack on gas money plus mileage to and from and you're looking at a pretty large bill.

The Tempo can be purchased for $69 per month and $39/mo membership, but you're saving time and gas money (and mileage on your car). For those reasons, the Tempo Studio is 100% worth the cost.

In addition, you're getting a huge variety of workout classes with top-notch coaching, along with form correction A.I. technology and of course home workouts whenever your heart desires!

What Equipment Is included with Tempo Studio?

For some people out there, Tempo has just about everything you need in a complete home gym. Here’s what comes with your smart home gym:

  • 7.5 lb. dumbbells (2)
  • 25 lb. barbell (1)
  • collars (6)
  • 10 lb. plates (4)
  • 5 lb. plates (4)
  • 2.5 lb. plates (4)
  • 1.25 lb. plates (4)
  • heart rate monitor (1)
  • workout mat (1)
  • recovery roller (1)

Next, we'll check out what's great and not so great as you keep weighing the pros and cons before your purchase.

What's Great About the Tempo?

  • Sleek, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Wide selection of workouts, both on-demand and live for all fitness levels
  • Awesome instructors
  • Personalized weight recommendations
  • Intuitive rep counting and form correction
  • Included heart rate monitor to track your calorie burn
  • Compete with others with the motivating leader boards
  • All accessories are included, no need to pay extra
  • Finance and pay a low monthly fee
  • Learn how to strength train properly

What's Not Great About the Tempo?

  • Monthly membership on top of equipment cost (but so is every other gym equipment out there that's worth a damn)
  • If you have slow internet, the video can be…. slow
  • Sometimes the rep counts are a little off depending on the exercise
You'll be unable to fully use your Tempo without a subscription 🙁

Can you use Tempo without a subscription?

No, you will not be able to access any classes or utilize any of the features of the screen without a Tempo subscription. For $39 per month, your Tempo subscription will grant you access to hundreds of live and on-demand classes as well as the AI training features built into the studio.

Whos Tempo Fit a good fit for?

Tempo studio is an incredibly versatile piece of fitness equipment, so it’s tough to pinpoint an exact person that will benefit from it as there are many. That said, here's who it's for and who it's not for:

Tempo's a good fit for you if:

  • Strength training and cardio workouts at home, anytime are important to you
  • You love live and on-demand workout classes
  • Going to the gym is getting old
  • You're looking for a community of coaches who care
  • Working out with real weights will hype you up

Tempo's not a great fit for you if:

  • You're looking for a digital weight system
  • You can pull a truck, a house or flip a tire 100 yards (seriously, it's really not for power lifters)
  • You think buying a piece of gym equipment is going to transform your body without putting in the work

Real Reviews of Tempo Fit: How do others like their Tempo Studio?

We dug pretty deep on the web to see what customers are saying online about the Tempo home gym. First, according to, there are an overwhelming amount of positive Tempo reviews with a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from over a few hundred reviewers. Second, their customer service rating is among the best in the home gym equipment industry. Finally, more people are investing in Tempo than any other smart home gym on the market right now, mainly due to their trendy workout classes, A.I. technology and real weight system.

Here's the most recent reviews about the Tempo from real customers:

“I can't wait to get my next workout in with my Tempo home gym! The classes are RAD and fluently alive!” – Bryce Coffey

“After purchasing the Tempo, and using it for 2 months, I've lost 15 pounds of fat and went down 2 sizes in my pants – that's what's up!” – Brittany Peterson

Conclusion: Is The Tempo Legit?

The Tempo provides a realistic gym experience with their live and on-demand workout classes, cutting edge A.I. technology (form feedback) and real Olympic weights. Tempo's large 42″ HD screen goes a long way too in terms of feeling like you're part of the workout class. If you're looking for a real gym experience from home with the help of expert coaches and techy gadgets that enhance the experience, then Tempo is the perfect fit for you.

Gino Armado

Gino is a fitness enthusiast who loves working out from home. He's a gym equipment expert, having researched, tested and reviewed over 1,000 pieces of equipment. He puts the team first, and, as a Division I football athlete, he not only excelled on the gridiron, but also earned his Masters degree in Sports Management. He is an ACE Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, training thousands of high school athletes that want to play sports in college.

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